August Festivals in Luzon You’ll Love and Enjoy

As summer comes to a close, August brings various festivals and celebrations to Luzon, the largest island in the Philippines. You can expect vibrant street parties and cultural showcases. As such, these August festivals in Luzon offer a unique glimpse into the rich traditions and diversity of the region.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So get ready to indulge in delicious food, witness colorful parades, and dance to the beat of lively music. Come and join the festivities and experience the festive spirit of Luzon this August.

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August Festivals in Luzon: Longganisa Festival (August 5 – 15, Guinobatan, Albay)

The Guinobatan Longganisa Festival pays tribute to the Patroness of the town, the Our Lady of Assumption. However, this particular festivity is also a way for Guinobatan, Albay residents to honor their culture and natural resources. The region is famous for its delicious and distinctive longganisa products. Attendees can enjoy street dancing and the Culinaria Longganisa Cooking and Making Contest during the event.

Visitors to Bicol must taste this unique longganisa – the smallest of its kind in the country. Each link is only two inches long. Moreover, longganisa makers chop the meat by hand instead of a machine. This process offers a more robust taste and texture.

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Tig-Aw Festival (August 5 – 12, Tigaon, Camarines Sur)

Tigaon marker (Source: Ringer/Wikimedia Commons)

Tigaon, Camarines Sur, hosts an annual festival, the Tig-Aw Festival, held in thanksgiving to the Patroness, St. Clare of Assisi. This fiesta typically takes place from August 5 – 12. You can expect various activities such as the Ylau-Raya Grand Street Dancing Competition, Special Program in the Arts Dance and Musical Night, and the Tig-Aw Farmers’ Festival. The streets come alive with color and music each year on this occasion.

August Festivals in Luzon: Coron Festival (August 5 – 13, Tiwi, Albay)

Tiwi Church (Source: IJVelas/Wikipedia)

The Coron Festival is an annual event that provides a week of entertainment and joy to residents and visitors. The festival’s climax is the religious occasion of paying homage to Our Lady of Salvation, Patroness of Tiwi. Then, the event brings many people together to participate in a nautical procession on the tranquil Pacific Ocean to the village of Joroan, home to the miraculous image.

Tiwi is renowned for its geothermal power production and “Coron” pottery. This traditional craft began in the early seventeenth century when the sticky clay found in Bolo, a hilly location near the sea, was used to form various shapes for cooking, drinking, and eating. This craft quickly became a successful business for the area, selling its products in other towns and regions.

Mercedes Kadagatan Festival (August 6 -11, Mercedes, Camarines Norte)

The Mercedes Kadagatan Festival, held every August 6-11 in Camarines Norte’s Mercedes, celebrates the gifts and abundance from the Almighty amid the marine, angling campaigns, and fish cultivating attempts. The word “Kadagatan” originates from “dagat,” signifying “sea” in Filipino.

The event presents gratefulness to Mother Nature for the wealth of significant fishery assets, delightful shorelines, and other aquatic possibilities, and a review of the astute utilization and protection of ecological adjust.

Ibalong Festival (August 12 – 30, Legaspi City, Albay)

Street presentation during the Ibalong Festival (Source: Ringer/Wikipedia)

The Ibalong Festival in Legazpi City got its name from one of the most important epics in the province. This epic recounts the myths and stories of the area before the arrival of the colonizers, and the festival honors the people of the region and their ability to remain resilient despite the frequent disasters that occur due to the area’s location.

During the event, choreographed dances are held in the streets, allowing for the presentation of various stories and legends in the Ibalong epic. High school students from the province of Albay usually participate in street dances; sometimes, participants from outside the region also join in.

The Ibalong Festival lasts for a week or two. It includes fireworks displays, drag races, street parties, nightly concerts, flea markets, and other activities. The festivals also feature food fairs and demonstrations of different culinary techniques.

August Festivals in Luzon: Higantes Festival (August 19, Lucban, Quezon)

The Higantes of Lucban in Quezon province began with the Corazon de Jesus, a religious celebration honoring the Sacred Heart of Jesus. As part of the festivities, dancers and a parade of two papier mache Higantes in colorful costumes took place.

The tradition started the eve of the feast day when the Higantes, accompanied by a marching band, danced and culminated with a fireworks display and running bull with lighted fireworks. Next, the Higantes walked the streets with their music, waking people up and signaling the day of the festivities. A procession in the afternoon with the Higantes and their followers chanting “hehet bong” followed.

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Final Thoughts

In the Philippines, there’s a multitude of festivities to honor the diverse cultures present. As we adore celebrating, these spectacles are pretty amazing to behold. So, to give your holiday an extra special touch, celebrate the August festivals in Luzon with us.

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