November Festivals in Luzon You’ll Love

November is a month of festivities in the Philippines, especially in Luzon. The vibrant and colorful celebrations of various festivals are something that every Filipino and tourist should experience at least once in their life. All across the region, numerous November festivals in Luzon showcase the rich culture and traditions of the Filipinos.

These festivals in Luzon blend religion, history, and entertainment perfectly, making them a must-see. Whether you’re searching for a cultural immersion, a music enthusiast, or a food lover, you’ll discover something you love in these festivals.

So, prepare to explore Luzon’s November festivals’ vibrant and colorful world. This article takes you to explore the top Luzon festivals worth experiencing.

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November Festivals in Luzon: Festival of Lights (November 1, Sagada, Mountain Province)

Sagada rice terraces (Source: Bernard Gagnon/Wikimedia Commons)

The people of Sagada celebrated the Lights Festival on November 1st by gathering at the cemetery to pay tribute to their deceased loved ones. Instead of traditional candles, they chose a unique way of illuminating the graves by burning old pine trees, locally known as saeng. This tradition, known as “panag-apoy,” has been observied in Sagada, Mountain Province, for a long time.

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Tumba Festival (November 2, San Luis, Batangas)

San Luis shoreline (Source: Ramon FVelasquez/Wikimedia Commons)

Batanguenos observe the province’s traditions and culture through a distinctive festival called the Tumba Festival. It occurs on All Soul’s Day in San Luis. Participants take candles from each other and construct a pyramid surrounded by people dancing. The game, known as Tumba, has been passed down from their ancestors and serves to honor those who have passed away.

November Festivals in Luzon: Pandag-Kitab (November 14, Calapan, Oriental Mindoro)

Mount Halcon behind the houses (Source: Orlan Rovira Frane/Wikimedia Commons)

The Pandang-Gitab dance is a traditional sway-and-balance routine that involves elegant, shallow gyrations of the hips and torso. The dancer also performs a moderate side-to-side swing of the hands while holding a candle-on-glass on both palms and heads. While props and materials can be added to enhance the performance, they must not interfere with the fundamental pattern of the Pandanggo dance.

Higantes Festival (November 22 – 23, Angono, Rizal)

Higantes of Angono (Source: Ralff Nestor Nacor/Wikimedia Commons)

The Higantes Festival is a significant event in Angono, Rizal, in the Philippines every November. It is a month-long celebration that combines art, culture, and religion, and it is dedicated to St. Clement of Rome, also known as Pope Clement I.

The festival is a tribute to the good harvest and is renowned for its vibrant fluvial parade on Laguna Lake and its impressive giant paper mache puppets.

Panangedayew (November 27, Dagupan, Pangasinan)

Tondaligan Beach in Dagupan (Source: Jdcedit/Wikimedia Commons)

The Panangedayew Festival takes place every November 27-28 and encourages people to remain optimistic despite any difficulties they may be experiencing.

Visitors can appreciate the beauty of blooming flowers through various activities, such as the stunning garden exhibition near the Dagupan astrodome. Additionally, there is a trade fair featuring Pangasinan’s specialties, such as bangus, locally crafted houseware, and affordable Christmas decorations.

November Festivals in Luzon: Adivay (November 24, La Trinidad, Benguet)

Strawberry picking in La Trinidad/Wikimedia Commons)

The Adivay Festival is a significant event in the Benguet province, celebrated annually at the La Trinidad town plaza. It coincides with the Foundation Anniversary of Benguet on November 24th, when the area was established in 1900.

To create a more prominent festival that the province could own, the government of Benguet decided to merge the two events, resulting in a week-long celebration. The festival begins with a morning street dance and fundamental games, followed by the Great Canao rituals in the afternoon.

All 13 municipalities of Benguet participate in the festival, which culminates in awarding and recognizing the achievements of cities, officials, and deserving citizens. The festival promotes unity among the Benguet government and the province’s history, culture, arts, and traditions.

Additionally, it affirms the importance of agricultural tourism, education, and trading in Benguet.


Final Thoughts

Filipinos are famous for their profound dedication to festivals and fiestas. Despite economic challenges, these celebrations continue to take place. Each town has its annual celebration dedicated to a Patron Saint. Finding a fiesta in a village on any given day is common. So, visitors need not time their visit, as there is always a celebration to witness and join.

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