Malabon Tourist Spots: Take the Challenge and Have Fun!

Embark on a delightful journey through Malabon, where every corner is a discovery! Dive into the vibrant array of Malabon tourist spots, each brimming with cultural treasures and culinary delights that promise to enchant your senses and leave you with unforgettable memories. Ready for an adventure?


Malabon Tourist Spots: Malabon Zoo – A Unique Adventure Awaits!

Are you ready for an adventure? Dive into the delightful world of Malabon Zoo, a treasure tucked away in the vibrant city of Malabon. This isn’t just any zoo; it’s a place where names bring smiles and stories come alive. Imagine strolling through this urban oasis, greeting celebrities of the animal kingdom – tigers, lions, bears, and more, each named after famous personalities. How about saying hello to a Bengal tiger with a familiar name or an orangutan that shares a title with a star? It’s a quirky, charming twist that adds fun to your visit.

Malabon Zoo is not just about unique names and faces. It’s a haven where interaction makes memories. On Sundays, experience the thrill of being close to some animals. It’s a rare opportunity to connect beyond the usual gaze from afar. Although Malabon Zoo is smaller than many others, its compact size ensures each visit has a unique and personal experience. Ideal for families and friends, this zoo provides an intimate and captivating adventure that stands out.

So, make a beeline for this unique zoo next time in Malabon. Discover its charismatic residents, feel the warmth of community support, and create unforgettable memories. Malabon Zoo awaits your visit!

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Tourist Spots in Malabon: A Brush with Genius – Angel C. Cacnio’s Artistic Legacy

Angel C. Cacnio’s Art Gallery (Source: Judgefloro/Wikimedia Commons)

Envision stepping into a world where every brush stroke tells a story of Philippine heritage. The colors blend not just on the canvas but in the heart. This is your experience at Angel C. Cacnio’s Art Gallery. Angel Cacnio, a celebrated artist, has left an indelible mark on the Philippine art scene. His works are paintings and chronicles of historical events, heroic deeds, Filipino legends, traditions, and values. His art vividly portrays his hometown, Malabon, brimming with nostalgia and a deep connection to his roots.

As you wander through the gallery, you’ll immerse yourself in Cacnio’s world. His expressionist style, evident in works showcased at Nami Art Gallery and beyond, reveals his brilliant and bold strokes, a testament to his passion. Cacnio’s achievements span the globe, with over 50 solo and group exhibits. His accolades include awards from the prestigious Shell National Student’s Art Competition and recognition as a Gintong Ama Awardee for Arts and Culture.

Cacnio’s gallery, a treasure trove of Philippine culture, also features the works of his son, Ferdinand Cacnio. It’s a testament to their family’s enduring legacy of art. His house, resembling a bahay na bato, doubles as a gallery, enshrining his and budding Malabon artists’ works. It makes it a focal point of artistic inspiration in the community.

So, step into Angel C. Cacnio’s Art Gallery. Here, you’ll not just see paintings. You’ll witness the heartbeat of a nation’s culture and the story of a man who used his brush to narrate it. This is more than an art gallery; it’s a journey through the soul of the Philippines.


Longos Fish Market in Malabon: A Seafood Haven

Imagine yourself in the bustling energy of Malabon Private Fish Market, better known to locals as “consignacion” or Tañong Fish Market. This privately owned market is a fierce competitor to the government-owned Navotas Fish Port. It offers a unique glimpse into the traditional way of trading in the Philippines. The ancient practice of “Bulungan” or whispers in fish trading remains, making it a cultural gem amidst the modern cityscape.

You’ll find over 107 fish brokers and dealers in this thriving market. Starting capital is significant, hinting at the market’s economic importance. Not just a hub for local markets to source their seafood but also a supply line for restaurants, the market offers a range of fresh and frozen seafood like salmon belly, cream dory, pomfret, mackerel, and shrimp, among others.

Here, boats from Palawan, Cavite, Mindoro, and other places unload and sell their fresh fish. The fish market operates on a flexible system, where fishing boat owners can distribute their catch to various brokers and dealers. This dynamism allows for a wide variety of seafood, filtered for quality, to be available to consumers.

For the best experience, visit the market at night, starting from 10:00 PM, when the freshest catch is most likely to be found. Prices are also notably lower compared to other markets in Metro Manila. Thus, the fish market is an excellent spot for quality and value.

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Malabon Tourist Spots: Exploring the Heart of the City – A Visit to San Bartolome Church

San Bartolome Church (Source: Ralff Nestor Nacor/Wikimedia Commons)

Have you ever wandered through the bustling streets of Malabon and stumbled upon the magnificent San Bartolome Church? If not, you’re in for a treat! This 408-year-old gem was recently proclaimed an “Important Cultural Property” by the National Museum of the Philippines. It is a beacon of history and faith in the heart of Malabon City.

The story of San Bartolome Church is like a captivating novel that begins in 1599 and evolves over centuries. Initially a simple structure, it witnessed numerous transformations, with its stone structure built in 1622 and a grand facade added in 1896. Imagine this: the church’s facade and two bell towers were constructed around the Cry of Pugadlawin, a significant event in Philippine history. It makes the church a silent witness to the nation’s turbulent past.

Local vibe

The Visual Feast of San Bartolome Church

As you step inside, a visual feast welcomes you. The church’s intricate frescoes, bold colors, and majestic dome are a sight to behold, transporting you to a different era. The main altar, adorned with elaborate wood carvings and gold leaf, showcases the devotion and artistry of generations past. Don’t forget to look up at the ceiling, embellished with numerous paintings that add to the church’s splendor.

The church has an impressive set of seven bells, each with a story. Two bells honor Santa Rita, another celebrates San Bartolome, and one proudly bears the inscription of Father Guillermo Diaz, a minister from the late 19th century.

If you’re a fan of architecture, you’ll appreciate the church’s Greco-Roman temple-like facade with eight imposing ionic columns. The intricate design and attention to detail are a testament to the skills of the architects and builders of that era.

But San Bartolome Church isn’t just about its stunning architecture and rich history. It’s a living, breathing part of the Malabon community, hosting various cultural and religious events. It’s a place where faith, history, and community converge, creating a unique experience for everyone who visits.

So, drop by San Bartolome Church next time you’re in Malabon. Whether you’re there to admire its architectural beauty, soak in its historical significance, or seek a moment of peace, this church is a must-visit landmark that genuinely captures the essence of Malabon’s rich cultural tapestry.

Final Thoughts

You’ll find Malabon tourist spots to be delightful surprises, blending cultural richness with charming local vibes. Each corner reveals a story as you explore, ensuring your visit is not just a trip but a memorable journey through a vibrant and historically rich cityscape. Go ahead, discover, and enjoy!

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