Top Beaches in Mindanao You’ll Love

Mindanao is undoubtedly a precious gem of the Philippines. Apart from being renowned for the Philippine Eagle, lush forests, and towering mountains, the top beaches of Mindanao make us proud. As the largest island in the country with proximity to smaller islands, Mindanao is home to countless breathtakingly beautiful beaches, adding to the Philippines’ over 7,000 island-beach wonders.

Here’s a list of our top beaches in Mindanao:

Top Beaches in Mindanao: White Island in Camiguin

White Island in Camiguin (Source: ronatory/Unsplash)

There is an unoccupied beach on the island known as “Island Born of Fire” that is simply breathtaking. This beach in Mindanao is covered with fine white sand, surrounded by clear seawater, and under a beautiful blue sky. The ambiance is so captivating that you want to enjoy every wave that hits the shore. Unfortunately, the last trip to the island is at 4:30 pm due to tidal changes. However, the best time to visit is sunset, which is undeniably breathtaking.

White Island is not an actual island but a sandbar in the middle of crystal-clear waters. To reach there, one can take a quick boat ride from the coast of Camiguin Island. However, since no trees or other structures are available for shelter, it’s advisable to visit in the morning to avoid the sun’s scorching heat. Alternatively, one can rent a beach umbrella from the locals.

Magpupungko Beach in Siargao

Beachfront in Magpupungko (Source: Wolfgang Hagele/Wikimedia Commons)

Magpupungko Beach stands out from other beaches on this list due to its stunning rock formations that add a unique touch to the scenery. While there are several fees to pay for entry, the experience is well worth it. Pune into the cool, glowing pools and explore the many hidden coves above and below the water’s surface. Low tide is the best time to visit, making this one of the top beaches in Mindanao.

Dahican Beach in Davao Oriental

Mati’s Dahican Beach (Source: Travel Philippines/Wikimedia Commons)

Dahican in Mati, Davao Oriental, is the perfect beach getaway that offers an adventurous journey towards it. The beach is a long stretch of powdery white sand and deep blue sea, making it an ideal destination for surfing enthusiasts.

If you’re a surfing enthusiast, Dahican Beach is a must-visit destination. This long public beach has palm trees, pristine sand, and crystal-clear blue waters. The waves are pretty high, so it’s best to get local support to learn how to surf there. The beach is a perfect spot to relax and have fun, and if you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of turtles hatching. It’s considered one of the top beaches in Mindanao, and you’ll enjoy the smooth sand and the serene atmosphere.

Top Beaches in Mindanao: Canibad Beach in Samal Island

Shoreline of Canibad Beach (Source: xChaLeex/Tripadvisor)

Canibad Beach on Samal Island is a great place to escape from the busyness of life in the city. The beach is quite far from the city center and not recommended for older people due to its steep descent. You can indulge in activities like cliff jumping or enjoy a stroll on the fine white sand while listening to the soothing sounds of the ocean. It is vital to carry money with you as there is an entrance fee and no restaurants nearby. Despite this, Canibad is one of the top beaches in Mindanao, providing a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. You’ll undoubtedly find solace and contentment in Canibad.

Mabua Pebble Beach in Surigao del Norte

Pebbles, not sand (Source: Mei P./Tripadvisor)

This beach is truly one-of-a-kind. Unlike the typical white sand beaches, it boasts stunning rock formations and pebbles. The smooth stones and picturesque sunset views make it one of the top beaches in the Philippines. Moreover, it’s easily accessible, making it the perfect destination for families and friends. Plus, there are many nearby restaurants to enhance your overall experience.

Gumasa Beach in Sarangani

White sand of Gumasa Beach (Source: Bailabiaquia/Wikimedia Commons)

Gumasa Beach in Mindanao is often referred to as the Boracay of the region, thanks to its powdery, talc-like white sand that rivals the beauty of Boracay. This tranquil beach is regarded as one of the best in Mindanao, offering a captivating view that is second to none. You can also savor the delicious, fresh tuna caught by locals, known as the “Tuna Capital of the Philippines.” Gumasa Beach is nothing less than a paradise on Earth.

Gumasa, located along the coastlines of Sarangani Bay, is known as the “Little Boracay of the South” due to its white, powdery sand. Visitors can easily find a place to stay as the area boasts numerous resorts, each with its unique style of ensuring guest comfort. However, during the third week of May, Gumasa Beach becomes congested as it hosts the annual Sarangani Bay Festival, recognized as Mindanao’s most incredible beach party.

Kaputian Beach on Samal Island

Panoramic shot of Kaputian Beach (Source: RoyKabanlit/Wikimedia Commons)

Samal Island, known for its bustling beach town, is home to some of Mindanao’s most exquisite secluded beaches. Despite being small, Kaputian Beach is a hidden gem in Samal that is well-kept and worth exploring. The serene stretch of white sand, gently touched by the approaching blue waves of the sea, provides a tranquil and perfect camping spot.

Banana Beach in Davao del Norte

Shoreline of Banana Beach (Source: ava0220/Tripadvisor)

Banana Beach may not have the brightest blue water or the whitest sand, but it’s still one of the top beaches in Mindanao. You’ll enjoy more than just a swim in the sea with the lush trees and nearby plantations. Stroll along the jungle path and spot some monkeys, lizards, and hanging bridges. This unique adventure is not your typical beach getaway and is worth experiencing.

Top Beaches in Mindanao: Malamawi Beach in Basilan

Malamawi Beach (Source: Remus C/Tripadvisor)

Compared to the best beaches in Luzon, Malamawi Beach is a hidden gem many may fear, but worth braving the adventure. It’s a serene sanctuary and one of the best beaches in Mindanao. You’ll witness the tranquil ocean and captivating landscape, perfect for taking countless Instagram-worthy photos. The best part is you don’t deal with photobombers as the area is less populated and unexploited. It truly is a hidden treasure waiting for you.

The White Beach on Malamawi Island is a stunning and secluded spot in the Philippines. Its crystal-clear turquoise waters have soft, white sand, perfect for beach lovers. It’s also an excellent location for snorkeling and exploring the diverse marine life in the area. However, due to the negative reputation of Basilan, visitors should be brave and take necessary precautions when visiting White Beach. So pack your snorkeling gear, camera, and appropriate clothing for a memorable day at this breathtaking location.

Final Thoughts

Mindanao has a plethora of beaches to offer to tourists. Although the island has safety issues, it has helped the growth of the tourism industry in the area. However, the beauty of the beaches may be at risk of being exploited if irresponsible tourism proliferates. Our tourists must ensure sustainability by being mindful of our actions.

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