Best Beaches in the Visayas You’ll Love Next

The Visayas region is well-known for its beautiful and celebrated beaches in the Philippines, with Boracay’s White Beach being the most famous. In addition, it is home to numerous islands with natural wonders. Come and learn about the best beaches in the Visayas you can visit on your next vacation.

Best Beaches in the Visayas: White Beach in Boracay

The powdery, white sand of Boracay (Source: junho/Pixabay)

White Beach Boracay is undeniably one of the top tourist destinations in Boracay and is most famous among the Visayas beaches. Extending 4 kilometers long, it boasts fine white sand and crystal-clear blue waters, making it a breathtaking sight. It is no wonder that this beach has gained worldwide recognition and fame for its beauty.

The beach is the main area for accommodations, dining, and entertainment for tourists visiting Boracay. It is home to most Boracay resorts, including family-friendly hotels, making it a popular choice for honeymooners in the Philippines. Additionally, the beach has many restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops, adding charm and appeal.

White Beach is the primary starting point for various Boracay tours and is a popular spot for exciting activities such as banana boat riding, sailing, jet-skiing, and helmet diving. Despite being a tourist hub, White Beach never fails to impress visitors. The sandy area is separated from business structures by a concrete pavement, providing ample space for people to enjoy the powdery, soft sand.

White Beach has three sections called stations, which serve as geographical markers for locating business establishments. Additionally, White Beach is renowned for offering the most spectacular sunset views on the island. Boracay Island is part of Aklan Province, and the jump-off points to the island are Caticlan and Kalibo. A short boat ride from either place will take you to Boracay Island and White Beach.

Islas de Gigantes in Carles, Iloilo

The breathtaking Islas de Gigantes (Source: JM Ahr/Pexels)

Iloilo is famous for its churches and historical structures, particularly the Miag-ao Church, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. However, this province also boasts its stunning white islands in the northeast. You can take a two-hour boat ride from the mainland to the Islas de Gigantes, which features white islands, a lagoon, and a sandbar.

One of the most famous spots in Islas de Gigantes is the stunning view of Cabugao Gamay Island from its cliff. So naturally, many people love to take pictures of this landmark. However, other picturesque views from the ridge are worth seeing. Aside from Cabugao Gamay, Islas de Gigantes has more breathtaking white beaches, such as Antonia’s white island and Bantigue’s sandbar.

The sudden increase in popularity of Isla de Gigantes has brought attention to the municipality of Carles in Iloilo and the neighboring towns. Isla de Gigantes is home to around ten islands with crystal-clear waters, white sand beaches, and limestone formations. While Antonia Beach is a tourist favorite, other top beaches are equally stunning.

Moreover, Carles is known as the hub for commercial fishing in Western Visayas and has earned the moniker “Alaska of the Philippines” due to the vast marine resources found in the area. Carles, Iloilo is also home to Sicogon Island, a well-liked tourist destination in the 1970s.

Best Beaches in the Visayas: Sambawan Island in Maripipi, Biliran

Sambawan Island (Source: Xivjericho/Wikimedia Commons)

Are you a nature lover or a vacationer searching for an ideal place to unwind and relax? Look no further, as Sambawan Island offers just what you need—delight in the stunning white sands and crystal-clear waters. You can also spot pieces of corals scattered along the coastline, brought in by the waves. Moreover, the resources here are still unexploited, allowing the place to retain its natural and simplistic atmosphere.

Sambawan Island is an uninhabited island near Maripipi Island, part of the Maripipi municipality. This island is a natural paradise, teeming with white sand beaches, stunning rock formations, and mountainous coastlines. Additionally, it boasts a vibrant marine ecosystem and serves as a marine sanctuary. If you’re into scuba diving, you’ll find sea turtles, snakes, reef sharks, and coral reefs when exploring the beautiful waters of Sambawan Island.

Salagdoong Beach in Maria, Siquijor

Salagdoong Beach (Source: Peter V. Sanchez/Wikimedia Commons)

If you’re an adventure enthusiast, you’ll enjoy the experience of cliff-jumping into the crystal-clear aquamarine water. Delve deep into the water and explore the beautiful marine life with stunning coral reefs that add to the charm of the seascape. While on your way, take a break, drive through the splendid Molave Forest, and take a brief stroll to appreciate the scenic beauty.

Your trip to Siquijor would only be complete with visiting Salagdoong Beach, the most famous beach in the province. It is flocked by tourists because of its white sand and clear waters band its cliff diving platform.

Thrill seekers can choose between the 20-foot or the 35-foot high cliff to jump from. Salagdoong Beach has two coves, marine life, and a giant slide dropping you straight into the water. If you prefer less crowded beaches, you should head to San Juan, almost an hour’s drive from the village of Maria.

Limasawa Island in Limasawa, Southern Leyte

The beauty of Limasawa Island (Source: Carl Kho/Unsplash)

Limasawa Island is not just a place of historical significance during the Spanish colonization but also boasts sparkling white beaches. It is at the southernmost tip of Leyte, which requires a journey of five hours via land transport from Tacloban and a 45-minute boat ride. Despite the distance, it is a must-visit destination.

The people of Limasawa are amicable, just like their neighboring island locals. Moreover, the island is famous for its marine life, and plenty of snorkeling and diving sites exist. Visitors can also witness the awe-inspiring whale sharks if luck favors them, with the maximum number of sightings recorded in 2010.

Final Thoughts

When most people think of beaches in the Visayas, Boracay, Cebu, and Iloilo often come to mind due to their popularity. These beaches share similar features, such as crystal clear water, powdery white sand, and breathtaking views. However, these famous destinations can be expensive due to their luxurious accommodations.

Despite this, there are still hidden gems waiting for you. For example, the Visayas is home to several underrated beaches that remain well-preserved. As a result, visitors can enjoy the same amenities found on famous beaches, and maybe even more, while spending less.

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