June Festivals in Mindanao You’re Going to Love

Attending local June festivals in Mindanao is a great way to learn more about a place. Festivities are often associated with significant social gatherings, abundant food and drinks, and vibrant venues with lively people. This perception is accurate, as festivals are joyous celebrations with robust cultural and historical roots.

These events have multiple layers that pay tribute to the community’s rich culture, people, and history. In Mindanao, for example, major festivals showcase tribes and customs significant to the locals.


Here are some June festivals in Mindanao you may want to consider:

San Juan sa Hibok Hibok Festival (June 24, Camiguin)

Every year on June 24, Camiguinons celebrate the San Juan sa Hibok Hibok Festival in honor of St. John the Baptist. The festival commemorates St. John’s baptism of people, which involved immersing their heads in water to prepare them for the coming of Jesus Christ. To mark the occasion, a range of fun-filled activities take place, including a fluvial parade, extreme challenge, water sports, sports events, bodybuilding contests, and the search for the yearly Mr. and Ms. Hibok-Hibokan.

The island province of Camiguin has a long-standing tradition of celebrating the feast of St. John the Baptist every June 24. This event is one of the region’s oldest and most prominent celebrations at Lagundi Beach in Mambajao town. As part of the festivities, locals decorate their pump boats with colorful decorations and participate in a fluvial procession.

This feast is the only one in the province that everyone partakes in, and locals eagerly await it year after year. Families come together to enjoy the water and food they bring, occupying almost every shore in the area. It’s a fun-filled event where people gather for picnics and games at the beach, paying tribute to the religious significance of the occasion.

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June Festivals in Mindanao: Lechonan sa Baroy (June 10, Baroy)

Lechon in the Philippines (Source: whologwhy/Wikimedia Commons)

Baroy is a town in Lanao del Norte known for its love of lechon. The city celebrates the Lechonan sa Baroy Festival every mid-June, a greasy and delicious event for all lechon enthusiasts. Despite being a small and quiet town, Baroy is home to some of the best lechoneros in the region, often overlooked due to the town’s pottery, sea shells, and beautiful sunset view by the peaceful Panguil Bay.

The event’s main attraction for a single day is the succulent lechon, a well-known Filipino dish, and the skilled lechoneros. The event’s highlight is the display of 23 mouth-watering lechon from each barangay, which everyone enjoys. Although it is a competition, it is friendly. The festival also includes the traditional grand parade, dancing, and drinking. Lechon is an excellent beer food. Although other areas in the country celebrate lechon, Baroy’s version is quickly becoming a popular annual event.

June Festivals in Mindanao: Sagayan Festival (June 28 – July 2, Tubod)

Sagayan war dance (Source: BrokenSphere/Wikimedia Commons)

The Sagayan Festival is an event that showcases the vibrant costumes of women from the province of Lanao del Norte. The festival features an ethnic dance called Sagayan, performed by warriors dressed in multi-layered skirts, colorful headgear, and holding intricately painted shields and double-bladed swords known as kampilan.

The dance involves various movements such as leaping, turning, jumping, kicking, and rolling, portraying the agility and preparedness of a warrior ready to defend their master in battle. In addition, the dancers perform in a trance-like state, believing that their motions drive away negative spirits and bring in good luck.

Naliyagan Festival (June 12 – 17, Agusan del Sur)

The Naliyagan Festival is a provincial celebration in Agusan del Sur that commences on June 12, Philippine Independence Day, and concludes on June 17, the Foundation Anniversary. It was established in 1993 during the term of the late Gov. Democrito O. Plaza to honor the Manobo people’s devotion to their tribal leader, Datu Lipus Makapandong.

Naliyagan, a Manobo term, means “the chosen one” or “the most loved one.” It is a week-long event that showcases the socio-cultural and artistic expressions of indigenous tribes throughout the Agusan Valley. The festival features ritual activities, a display of native products, ethnic games, sporting tournaments, and various special events.

The festival celebrates the culture and heritage of the Agusanon people. Natives from remote areas perform tribal dances and rituals—additionally, a trade fair exhibiting the province’s cottage industry. The Naliyagan festival is an occasion of gratitude celebrated by the natives to acknowledge the plentiful harvests they receive throughout the year. In addition, the festival is an opportunity for them to showcase their agri-industrial products, which are available for purchase by people in the valley.

Final Thoughts

June festivals in Mindanao are more than just live performances and merrymaking. They hold an important place in the country’s culture, deeply rooted in history. The country’s colonization by foreign powers has resulted in the assimilation of various beliefs and religions, while the bravery of our heroes has led to the attainment of freedom.

Our ancestors have also shown their love for the land by caring for it and preserving its natural resources. In addition, philippine festivals celebrate the country’s rich culture, history, and outstanding local products.

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