June Festivals in the Visayas You May Like

June festivals in the Visayas are full of fanfare and color. Generally, such festivities are part of religion and tradition. As a result, tourists and locals experience merrymaking, food, and Thanksgiving that they’ll remember forever.


Here are some of the best June festivals in the Visayas:

June Festivals in the Visayas: Piña Festival (June 23, Ormoc City)

Pina Festival (Source: Ranieljosecastaneda/Wikimedia Commons)

Ormoc City is famously known as the “City of Beautiful People.” They celebrate their annual Piña Festival to express their gratitude for their abundant pineapple harvest, a distinguished product of the city.

The main aim of the Piña Festival is to showcase Ormoc’s sweet queen pineapple and celebrate the strong personality of its people who overcome obstacles and challenges, ranging from personal problems to calamities and disasters.

The Fiesta celebrations in Ormoc City comprise several exciting events visitors should attend. These include the Parade of Lights, the Piña Festival street dance and ritual showdown, the Miss Ormoc pageant, and the culminating fiesta concert.

The Parade of Lights is a must-see event that features luminescent vehicular floats and lighted costumes inspired by famous children’s storybook characters. The street dance festival is a lively and colorful tribute to the city’s patron saints and the Queen Pineapple, the symbol of Ormoc. Around ten schools will participate in this event.

During the Piña Festival, Ormocanons take to the streets to express their gratitude to God and patron saints Peter and Paul. They wear illuminated and colorful costumes that showcase the city’s queen pineapple. The dancers, along with government officials like Leyte 4th District Rep. Lucy Torres-Gomez and Mayor Richard Gomez, mesmerize the audience with their graceful piña dance moves, which depict the planting and harvesting process.

The festival and its delicious food made the city stand out and caught the attention of many people. If you’re in Ormoc, don’t miss out on the juicy and sweet “Queens Pineapple” straight from the plantation. Enjoy its delectable slices while taking in the beautiful surroundings.

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June Festivals in the Visayas: Pintados Festival (June 29, Tacloban City)

Kasadyaan Festival (Source: Ranieljosecastaneda/Wikimedia Commons)

The Pintados festival in Tacloban showcases the rich Spanish history of the Leytenos, including wars, epics, and folk religions. An anticipated festival aspect is the colorful body-painted dancers who resemble tattooed warriors from the past.

Despite their outrageous appearance, the dances depict the history of the people who once lived on the islands of Leyte. This month-long festival is a must-see experience showcasing not only one culture but other municipalities’ cultures. The dance competition that follows the parade is a battle of beauty, grace, and storytelling that captures the heart and mind of the audience.

The Pintados Kasadyaan festival is a highly anticipated and unique event in the Philippines. It combines two famous festivals, the Kasadyaan and Pintados, to create a lively and colorful celebration. The festival takes place on June 29 in Tacloban and is known as the “Festival of Festivals” as its popularity spreads throughout the country.

What Happens During the Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival

 During this event, locals showcase the history of brave warriors through dance and musical performances. Dancers paint their bodies to resemble armor and tell legends and stories about their past. The festival creates a happy atmosphere, and many people look forward to attending.

The Pintados festival is a celebration unique to Tacloban City in the Philippines. It pays tribute to the pre-Spanish history of the Leytenos, highlighting their wars, epics, and folk religions. The festival is most famous for its festive dancers, painted from head to toe, resembling the tattooed warriors of the past.

During the festival, the streets of Tacloban City come alive with dancers in vibrant colors. Though they may seem outrageous at first, their dances offer a glimpse into the rich history of the island’s people.

The folk dances presented by the dancers showcase the many traditions that flourished before the arrival of the Spaniards. These include the worship of idols, indigenous music, and epic stories. The hypnotic rhythms of native instruments fill the air, accompanying the dancers throughout the festival.

The festival also includes a parade that winds through the streets of Tacloban City. Spectators follow the caravan of lively colors from beginning to end. Finally, the Pintados festival concludes with a traditional Filipino fiesta, inviting everyone to join in the merrymaking and celebrate the festival’s unique heritage.

Final Thoughts

Filipinos love celebrating and will find any reason to throw a big party. Festivals in the Philippines are full of vibrant colors, grand parades, and an infectious sense of joy and liveliness. These celebrations could honor a patron saint, commemorate a historical event, or revel in a local delicacy.

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