July Festivals in Luzon You’ll Love to Experience

The cultural orientation of Filipinos is evident, even before the arrival of colonial conquistadors. The indigenous tribes on the islands were hospitable and welcomed traders from neighboring countries such as Malaysia, China, Borneo, and India. Thus, July festivals in Luzon are a regular occurrence, with every event being an opportunity to roast a pig, chicken, goat, or cow. Distinguished guests sit at tables adorned with the best linens. They wear their finest party clothes and serve sumptuous delicacies on precious chinaware.

Centuries have passed, but feasting traditions and gastronomic adventures have remained unchanged. These customs have been passed down from generation to generation. Each Filipino family observed them with the utmost respect for their ancestors. Revitalizing these traditions promote the region and boost local tourism.

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If you already have plans to check the June Festivals in Mindanao, why don’t you also check the July festivals in Luzon?

Libon Paroy Festival (July 22 – 25, Libon, Albay)

People participating in the Paroy Festival (Source: ILoveLibon/Wikimedia Commons)

The Paroy festival got its name from Albay’s leading income source, rice. This celebration occurs in the Municipality of Libon, known as Albay’s rice granary. The locals have to express their gratitude for the abundant harvest of the land. The festival features various activities like a street parade, a sports fest, the world’s longest tilapia, corn barbeque, and more.

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Lubid Festival (July 9 -16, Malilipot, Albay)

The municipality of Malilipot, Albay, hosts a week-long celebration. The fiesta focuses on the versatile abaca hemp, also known as lubid, which is the primary product of the region. The festival aims to highlight the significance of abaca as a primary source of livelihood for the local community. The event features many activities, including a street parade where participants will showcase their colorful abaca costumes.

July Festivals in Luzon: Magalleones Festival (July 9 -16, Magallanes, Sorsogon)

The Magalleones Festival is an event that honors Magallanes as a beautiful, peaceful, and captivating place. The town has a rich cultural and historical heritage, and the festival aims to revisit the past, history, struggles, and the pivotal role of its residents during the Spanish colonial period. Bagatao Island, situated nearby, was once home to the largest shipyard in the Bikol region, the Royal Astillero of Bagatao. The grandest, most extensive, costliest, swiftest, and most celebrated galleon that ever sailed the Pacific during the Manila-Acapulco trade was built here and named “Santisima Trinidad y Senora del Buen Fin.”

The festival also commemorates the beauty of Magallanes during the galleon-making frenzy, where it was a luxuriant forest abundant in excellent hardwood. One of these, a species called “parina,” was highly sought after for galleon making due to its solid and durable quality. Moreover, it can withstand the harsh punishment of the high seas and enemy cannonball hits.

Lastly, the festival celebrates the introduction of the Catholic faith when the Augustinian Friar Fray Alonzo Jimenes conducted the first Christian mass on the main island of Luzon and baptized the natives.

Pagoda Festival (July 4 – 7, Bocaue, Bulacan)

Bocaue Pagoda Festival (Source: RamaGaspar/Wikimedia Commons)

The devotees carry a replica of Jesus’s cross through the streets on a beautifully decorated pagoda to celebrate the Bocaue Pagoda Festival.

A procession of colorful bancas also accompanies the pagoda. This festival is an integral part of the nine-day novena, where people celebrate the retrieval of the Holy Cross. The event has hundreds, if not thousands, of attendees.

Although the festival has colorful costumes and happy people, it has a tragic history. The festival has led to enormous calamities in the past. For example, in 1993, during the celebration of the Santo Niño, a multi-level pagoda sank, and many people lost their lives.

Despite the tragedy, the Bocaue Pagoda Festival Philippines still takes place, with a part of the festival dedicated to the departed. However, people are now more careful during the festival to prevent history from repeating itself.

July Festivals in Luzon: Sublian Festival (July 23, Batangas City, Batangas)

Mayor Eduardo Dimacuha initiated the Sublian Festival on July 23, 1988, to commemorate the city’s founding anniversary in Batangas City. The festival’s primary aim is to revive the practice of subli, a ceremonial dance performed during feasts in honor of the Holy Cross.

The dance is native to the province of Batangas and involves lengthy prayers, songs, and dances in a specific arrangement. The male dancers employ an intense shuffling motion and hit the ground with bamboo sticks, while the female dancers execute intricate wrist and finger movements. The festival’s highlight is Foundation Day and Sublian sa Kalye, where participants dressed in native garb and adorned with subli hats parade and dance in the streets.

Over a thousand students participate in the street dancing subli, which takes at least an hour to complete. After the parade, the City Hall Complex hosts various events throughout the day, including the Lupakan and Awitan. In addition, visitors can witness the production of the native snack nilupak while enjoying its delicious taste.


Final Thoughts

The Philippines has much more to offer beyond island hopping and food adventures. The finest tourist destinations in the country are brimming with exciting discoveries, and one way to experience them is by taking part in the top festivals in the Philippines.

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